Aims and Scope

The Functional Food Science (FFS) journal is dedicated to biomedical research at the forefront of functional food science, focusing on the discovery and development of functional food products and their constituents, food bioactive compounds. It aims to develop a standardized definition of functional food products as well as emphasizing the differences between functional food science and standard food and nutrition sciences. The journal addresses the methodology behind the creation of functional food products, encompassing measures to ensure their safety and efficacy. Additionally, it investigates the impacts of food bioactive compounds on both biomarkers and overall human health, specifically in managing symptoms associated with chronic or viral diseases. 

The scope of the Functional Food Science journal is officially defining functional food products and the step-by-step process of their development. This includes establishing molecular mechanisms of action of food bioactive compounds, finding biomarkers, and developing food vehicles to house the food bioactive compound. Subsequently, it also includes in vivo and in vitro studies to test the safety and efficacy of the product, clinical trials to determine proper human dosages and side effects, and epidemiological studies to determine long-term efficacy in uncontrolled environments. Additionally, the scope of the journal extends to the food bioactive compounds that may reduce the risk of chronic or viral diseases (prebiotics, probiotics, sterols, minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, flavonoids, flavonols, lipids, fatty acids, polyphenols, phytochemicals, and more).