Journal Insights

Aims and scope: The Functional Food Science (FFS) journal provides a platform for the exchange of cutting-edge biomedical research centered around functional food science, functional foods, and food bioactive compounds. The information presented in published articles must be novel, influential, and of high quality.

The scope of this journal includes the establishment of a unified definition of functional food products, the step-by-step process of developing a functional food product, and the distinction of functional food science from the standard food and nutrition sciences. Additionally, the FFS journal focuses on the food bioactive compounds found in functional foods, how they affect biomarkers, and their influences on human health. 

Subject areas: The journal covers Functional Food Science (FFS), functional food products (FFPs), and food bioactive compounds - FBCs (prebiotics, probiotics, sterols, minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, flavonoids, lipids, fatty acids, polyphenols, phytochemicals, and more). It is also centered around steps that need to be taken to develop a functional food products. This includes establishing molecular mechanisms of action of FBCs, finding biomarkers, developing food vehicles to house the FBC, in vivo and in vitro studies to ensure safety and efficacy of the product, clinical trials to determine proper human dosages and side effects, and epidemiological studies to determine long-term efficacy in uncontrolled environments. 

Online ISSN: 2767-3146

Impact: The journal began publication in August 2021. The application has been submitted for Scopus and the citation score will be updated once the journal is approved.

Article Publishing Fee: The article publication fee for the journal is $595.00 US dollars. All articles are gold open-access which means that, once published, they are immediately accessible by anyone, anywhere. 

Publishing Timeline:

Time to first decision by Editor(s)-in-Chief: 7 days

Peer-review process: 14-28 days (estimate time).

Submission to acceptance: 30-45 days

Acceptance to publication: 7 days