Vol 6, No 6 (2016)

June 2016

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Integrated Medicine with vegetable derived antioxidant and vitamin D : effects on oxidative stress and bone mineral metabolism of aged patients with renal disease [Abstract] [Full Article]
Francesco Carluccio, Macello Lenucci, Gabriella Piro, Werner Siems, Josè Luño 379-387
Drinking functional coherent mineral water accompanies a strengthening of the very low frequency impact on heart rate variability, and mono and multifractal heart rhythm dynamics in healthy humans [Abstract] [Full Article]
Benny Johansson, Svetlana Sukhotskya 388-413

Review Articles

Dietary fat and insulin resistance: a connection through leptin and PPARγ activation [Abstract] [Full Article]
Doaa Nader Al-Jada, Mousa Numan Ahmad 306-328
The effects of bioactive compounds on Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment [Abstract] [Full Article]
Brian McAnany, Danik Martirosyan 329-343
Charnoly body as a novel biomarker of nutritional stress in Alzheimer’s Disease [Abstract] [Full Article]
Sushil Sharma, Joseph Choga, Pearl Doghor, Fredy N-Kalala, Ankur Chauhan, Vineet Gupta, Christopher Wright, Alison Foor, Krystel Elliot Theberge, Shubhra Mathur, James Renteria 344-378