Vol 1, No 9 (2011)

September 2011

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Effects of Portabella mushrooms on collagen-induced arthritis, inflammatory cytokines, and body composition in dilute brown non-agouti (DBA1) mice [Abstract] [Full Article]
Sandra Peterson, Edralin A. Lucas, Djibril Traore, Lawrance Christopher, Christine French, Stephen L. Clarke, Stanley A. Lightfoot, Brenda J. Smith, Solo Kuvibidila 279-296
Anti-jugular vein thrombotic effect of Morinda citrifolia L. [noni] in male SD rats [Abstract] [Full Article]
Funmi Ayanbule, Guodong Li, Lin Peng, Jacob Nowicki, Gary Anderson, Mian-Ying Wang 297-309
Developing an Effective Food Supplement for the Prevention of Osteoporosis [Abstract] [Full Article]
Ping-chung Leung, Erik Chun-hay Ko, Sammy Wing-sum Siu, Ellie Suet-yee Pang, King-fai Cheng, Yat-heung Chan 379-388

Review Articles

Nutrigenomics of Neuradaptogen Amino-Acid-Therapy and Neurometabolic Optimizers: Overcoming carbohydrate bingeing and overeating through neurometabolic mechanisms [Abstract] [Full Article]
Kenneth Blum, Debasis Bagchi, Abdalla Bowirrat, B. William Downs, Roger L. Waite, John Giordano, Siohban Morse, Margaret Madigan, Jaclyn M. Downs, Eric R. Braverman, Margaret Polanin, Debmayla Barh, Frank Fornari, Thomas Simpatico 310-378