The beneficial effects of monoglucosyl hesperidin and monoglucosyl rutin on vascular flexibility: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, parallel-group study


  • Yushi Hashizume
  • Mahamadou Tandia



Background: There is mounting evidence that the intake of polyphenols can help prevent cardiovascular complications. Furthermore, multiple intakes of different polyphenol compounds are expected to have a synergistic effect. However, few studies have examined the preventive effect of simultaneous polyphenol intake on cardiovascular complications in healthy adults. 

Objective: The present study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of daily intake of 70 mg of monoglucosyl hesperidin (MH) alone, or in combination with 140 mg of monoglucosyl rutin (MR), in improving vascular flexibility.

Methods: This 8-week study was conducted on 66 healthy male and female participants with a relatively high body mass index (BMI) and low vascular flexibility. The participants were randomly assigned to an MH group (MH alone), MHMR group (combination of MH and MR), or placebo group by a computer-generated list (each n = 22). Participants took two tablets per day of either MH, MHMR or placebo during the intervention. Outcomes included vascular function indices, capillary flow, and inflammatory markers. Assessment points were at 4 weeks (4w) and 8 weeks (8w) of the intervention.

Results: The primary outcome was flow-mediated dilation. In an analysis including participants whose left brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV) was ≥1232.5 cm/s at baseline in the per-protocol set, the MHMR group showed significant improvement compared with the placebo group in flow-mediated dilation, maximum post-avascularization artery diameter, baPWV (each and average of both legs), and E-selectin at 8w.

Conclusion: These results indicated that MH, in combination with MR, may act on vascular endothelial cells to improve vascular flexibility in healthy adults with a relatively lowvascular flexibility. (UMIN000046054).

Keywords: Monoglucosyl hesperidin; Monoglucosyl rutin; flow-mediated dilation; E-selectin; pulse wave velocity, body mass index, vascular flexibility





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