Vol 2, No 7 (2012)

July 2012

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Flavonoids and phenolic acids from pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) based foods and their functional implications [Abstract] [Full Article]
Vanisha S. Nambiar, Neha Sareen, Mammen Daniel, Erick B. Gallego 251-264
An open-label, randomized clinical trial to assess the immunomodulatory activity of a novel oligosaccharide compound in healthy adults [Abstract] [Full Article]
Karriem H. Ali, Angelica B. Melillo, Susanna M. Leonard, Deshratn Asthana, Judi M. Woolger, Aaron H. Wolfson, H. McDaniel, John E. Lewis 265-279
Starch digestibility and predicted glycemic index of fried sweet potato cultivars [Abstract] [Full Article]
Amaka Odenigbo, Jamshid Rahimi, Michael Ngadi, Somaia Amer, Arif Mustafa 280-289