Health communication in nutrition for cancer prevention in thailand

Kamon Chaiyasit, Wittayatorn Tokaew, Karn Boonsiri


Cancer has been ranked first of the Thai mortality causes. As dietary factors affect the risk of cancer, communication is crucial for providing beneficial nutritional knowledge for patients to change their daily diets accurately. The communication could be through the use of the internet, as there is currently media that could be easily accessed at a large scale. As a result, modern technology could facilitate the interaction between citizens and nutritional professionals, leading to healthy lifestyles. For example, the nutritional labels of products could be read by using IoT, which is a mobile application. It is also believed that devices will be developed to help prevent cancer in the future.

Keywords: health communication, nutrition for cancer prevention, IoT, social media nutrition, nutrition labeling

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DOI: 10.31989/ffhd.v11i4.792


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