A novel protodioscin-enriched fenugreek seed extract (Trigonella foenum-graecum, family Fabaceae) improves free testosterone level and sperm profile in healthy volunteers


  • Debasis Bagchi
  • Anand Swaroop
  • Anuj Maheshwari
  • Narsingh Verma
  • Kiran Tiwari
  • Manashi Bagchi
  • Harry G. Preuss
  • Pawan Kumar




Background: A novel, patent-pending 20% protodioscin-enriched extract has been developed in our laboratories from fenugreek seeds (Furosap®). We assessed the efficacy of Furosap® in 50 male volunteers (age: 35-65 years) on free and total increased testosterone levels, sperm profile, mental alertness, cardiovascular health, mood, libido, and quality of life.

Methods: Furosap® (500 mg/day/subject) was administered to the 50 male volunteers over a period of 12 weeks in a one-arm, open-labelled study, to determine the efficacy on free and total testosterone levels, sperm profile and sperm morphology, libido and erectile dysfunction, mood and mental alertness and broad spectrum safety parameters. Institution Review Board approval was obtained for this study and the study was registered at the clinicaltrials.gov (NCT02702882). 

Results: A statistically significant increase in free testosterone levels were observed in these volunteers following supplementation of Furosap®. Sperm morphology, sperm counts, mental alertness, mood, cardiovascular health, and libido performance were significantly improved. Extensive blood chemistry analyses revealed broad spectrum safety. No significant changes were observed in serum lipid function, cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL and LDL levels, and hemogram.

Conclusions: Results confirmed that this protodioscin-enriched extract from fenugreek seeds (Furosap) is safe and efficacious in boosting serum free testosterone levels, healthy sperm profile, mental alertness, cardiovascular health, and overall performance in male volunteers.

Keywords: Standardized fenugreek seed extract; Protodioscin; Testosterone booster; Sperm profile; Mood alleviation; Safety





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