A Clinician’s Perspective on Incorporating Therapeutic Lifestyle Change into Clinical Practice

Mark S. McIntosh


This article describes the unique perspective of a clinician who was originally trained as an acute care specialist but in recent years had the opportunity to witness the positive impact of therapeutic lifestyle change (TLC) programs in managing chronic diseases. Through experience gained from conducting a multi-center clinical trial investigating the effects of TLC program in people with metabolic syndrome, Dr. Mark S. McIntosh discusses various aspects and challenges pertinent to implementing a successful TLC program. Patients, physicians, lifestyle counselors, work places, and home environment are all critical in forming an alliance for transforming the current sick-care approach to preventive, wellness-focused approach that is far more efficient, rewarding, and financially sustainable.

Key words: therapeutic lifestyle change, lifestyle counselor, lifestyle medicine, metabolic syndrome, dietary modification

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DOI: 10.31989/ffhd.v1i2.140


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