June 2019 issue, Editorial Board, and eJournal


June 2019 published articles

We are excited to inform you about the June 2019 issue of the FFHD journal. We published three research articles and two review articles covering various topics in modern food science. See the link below to view the abstracts and full articles: 


We have also updated the Editorial Board for the FFHD journal. At this time, we are looking for more qualified members to join our Editorial Board. If you are interested, submit your resume or CV to [email protected].

The FFHD journal is now available as an eJournal. You can view the link for the May 2019 issue here: 

Once again, we want to encourage our readers to submit articles to the FFHD journal. You can submit articles through the following link or by email at [email protected]:


If you submit an article to our journal, you can receive a free eJournal.