Vol 5, No 9 (2015)

September 2015

Table of Contents

Research Articles

The effect of VMP35 supplement ingredients encapsulated in a novel Phospholipid Prodosome SK713 SLP nutrient delivery technology on properties of live human blood. [Abstract] [Full Article]
Kenneth Blum, B. William Downs, Steven Kushner, Ted Aloisio, Frans J. Cronjé 292-303
Use of lysozyme from chicken egg white as a nitrite replacer in an Italian-type chicken sausage [Abstract] [Full Article]
Nalaka Sandun Abeyrathne 320-330

Review Articles

Impact of nutritional stress on early embryonic survival [Abstract] [Full Article]
Sukanta Mondal, I. J. Reddy, A. Mor 304-319