Effects of Dietary Modifications and Physical Activity on Cancer Prevention and Treatment


  • Akingbolabo Ogunlakin
  • Princewill Obinna Ihiasota
  • Oluwafemi Adeleke Ojo
  • Mathew Akin Ogunlakin
  • Oluwaseun Abigael Ogunlakin
  • Faith Ẹniọlá Olujinmi
  • Favour Inijesunimi Olagookun
  • Bowale Ogunlakin
  • Sophie Adedamola Adeyeye




To prevent and treat cancer, this review aims to assess the goals, mechanisms, and advantages of altered diets and physical exercise. A comprehensive examination of scholarly publications from various databases, including Springer, Scopus, Elsevier, Google Scholar, Wiley, Web of Science, PubMed, and Taylor & Francis, was the method utilized to obtain the data. Additionally, data compilation also made use of PhD and MSctheses. Despite the limited data available, diet modifications and intervention may prove to be beneficial to cancer patients, including reduced toxicity, improved chemotherapy efficacy, and curbing long term complications. Diet and physical activity are critical components of human survival. Imbalanced and improper levels of these factors might disrupt normal homeostasis and impair resilience to external stresses. This can show in a variety of ways, such as susceptibility to infections, cardio-metabolic disease, or cancer. Diet modifications coupled with physical activity may influence cancer risk in a variety of ways because some foods and drinks could predispose the consumers to cancer.


Keywords: Cancer, diet, physical exercise, sedentary lifestyle





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