No evidence of allergenic reactions to soy lecithin phospholipids used in Membrane Lipid Replacement studies

Garth Nicolson, Robert Settineri


Membrane Lipid Replacement (MLR) is the functional use of dietary supplements containing cell membrane glycerolphospholipids and antioxidants to safely replace and remove damaged membrane phospholipids that accumulate during various chronic and acute illnesses and during aging. Some products used in MLR are obtained from soy lecithin extracts that contain cell membrane glycerolphospholipids. Thus the soybean source has been questioned because of concerns related to genetic engineering (GMO) and the potential presence of hormone-like components and soy allergens. There is a complete absence of proteins, glycoproteins or carbohydrates in soy lecithins and MLR supplements that could be allergenic. One lecithin ingredient that contains purified membrane phospholipids (NTFactor Lipids®) has been shown to produce significant positive health benefits in clinical trials. NTFactor Lipids® are fractionated and purified from non-GMO soy lecithin, but this formulation does not contain detectable amounts of protein or glycoprotein allergens or other components that could elicit allergic or non-allergic adverse reactions. In addition, allergenic and non-allergenic reactions have not been found in multiple clinical trials and studies that have utilized this dietary supplement. NTFactor Lipids® are manufactured in certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facilities using established allergen-control strategies to minimize any cross-contact with food allergens.

Keywords: Phospholipids, Clinical trials, Allergies, Cellular membranes

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DOI: 10.31989/bchd.v4i1.770


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