An evaluation of the cognitive effects of malt extract and sucrose in school-aged Malaysian children

Con Stough, Andrew Scholey, Gertrude Gentile-Rapinett, Jeroen Schimdt, Antionette Goh, Keith Wesnes, Marni Kras, Clem Kuek, David Camfield


The effect of carbohydrates and sucrose on cognitive performance in children has been the subject of several trials. Some studies have found both positive and negative effects of glucose and carbohydrates on cognitive function in school children. These studies are important in terms of designing functional foods that can assist children in learning throughout the day, and in particular, within a school-educational context. In this study we conducted a 4-way repeated measures within subject crossover randomized controlled trial in which we compared an acute administration of malt, sucrose, milk and water in 58 Malaysian children aged 10-12 years on performance on a battery of cognitive and mood measures before and after exercise. Results indicated that there was a beneficial effect of malt on attention suggesting the importance of carbohydrates to alleviate attentional changes due to exercise in children.

Keywords: Malt, Sucrose, Attention, Children

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DOI: 10.31989/bchd.v3i10.754


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