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Vol 10, No 8 (2020): August 2020 Black soybean seed coat polyphenols promote nitric oxide production in the aorta through the Akt/eNOS pathway Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Chiaki Domae, Hitoshi Ashida, Yoko Yamashita
Vol 11, No 5 (2021): May 2021 Black tea decreases postprandial blood glucose levels in healthy humans and contains high-molecular-weight polyphenols that inhibit α-glucosidase and α-amylase in vitro: a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Yoshikazu Isono, Hisako Watanabe, Masafumi Kumada, Tsuyoshi Takara, Shin-ichiro Iio
Vol 12, No 7 (2022): July 2022 Blood amino acid dynamics after ingestion of chicken-derived peptides in healthy subjects Abstract   {Abstract}   {Full Article}
Hang Guo, Akihiro Yamamura, Mikako Sato
Vol 5, No 4 (2015): April 2015 Blood homocysteine and fasting insulin levels are reduced and erythrocyte sedimentation rates increased with a glycophospholipid-vitamin formulation: a retrospective study in older subjects Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Rita R. Ellithorpe, Robert Settineri, Talon Ellithorpe, Garth L. Nicolson
Vol 10, No 5 (2020): May 2020 Bowel movement improvement by Mulukhiyah (Corchorus olitorius)-containing food (AOTSUBU) consumption: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel- group comparison trial Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Hodai Nagahara, Meisen Nagahara, Nobuo Ohmi, Yuta Takahashi, Tsuyoshi Takara
Vol 2, No 11 (2012): November 2012 Brassicaceae: nutrient analysis and investigation of tolerability in people with Crohn’s disease in a New Zealand study Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Bobbi Campbell, Dug Han, Christopher M. Triggs, Alan G. Fraser, Lynnette R. Ferguson
Vol 10, No 12 (2020): December 2020 Brazilian green propolis promotes the cytoprotective expression of heme oxygenase-1 against oxidative stress injury in murine myoblast cells Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Naoki Chinen, Wataru Otsu, Kazuki Ohuchi, Shiori Ando, Shinsuke Nakamura, Hiroyuki Kono, Masamitsu Shimazawa, Hideaki Hara
Vol 3, No 6 (2013): June 2013 Breast cancer prevention with Morinda citrifolia (noni) at the initiation stage Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Mian-Ying Wang, Lin Peng, Gary Anderson, Diane Nowicki
Vol 11, No 5 (2021): May 2021 Can functional foods reduce the risk of disease? Advancement of functional food definition and steps to create functional food products Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Danik Martirosyan, Hunter Kanya, Camila Nadalet
Vol 3, No 8 (2013): August 2013 Cancer-specific Therapeutic Potential of Resveratrol: Metabolic Approach against Hallmarks of Cancer Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Dong Hoon Suh, Mi-Kyung Kim, Hee Seung Kim, Hyun Hoon Chung, Yong Sang Song
Vol 9, No 9 (2019): September 2019 Changes in plasma concentration of flavonoids after ingestion of a flavonoid-rich meal prepared with basic foodstuffs Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Ryo Mannen, Michiko T Yasuda, Ayami Sano, Toshinao Goda, Kayoko Shimoi, Yoko Ichikawa
Vol 7, No 7 (2017): July 2017 Changes in the rate of PSA progression and the level of alkaline phosphatase during high dose vitamin C treatment of patients with prostate cancer Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Nina Mikirova, Ronald Hunninghake
Vol 4, No 1 (2014): January 2014 Characterization and functional properties of new everbearing strawberry (Fragaria x ananasa Duch.) cultivar, ‘Summertiara’ berries Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Takeshi Nagai, Misuzu Tamai, Masato Sato, Yasuhiro Tanoue, Norihisa Kai, Nobutaka Suzuki
Vol 4, No 8 (2014): August 2014 Characterization and specificity of probiotics to prevent salmonella infection in mice Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Ana Andino, Nan Zhang, Sandra Diaz-Sanchez, Carrie Yard, Sean Pendleton, Irene Hanning
Vol 6, No 6 (2016): June 2016 Charnoly body as a novel biomarker of nutritional stress in Alzheimer’s Disease Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Sushil Sharma, Joseph Choga, Pearl Doghor, Fredy N-Kalala, Ankur Chauhan, Vineet Gupta, Christopher Wright, Alison Foor, Krystel Elliot Theberge, Shubhra Mathur, James Renteria
Vol 2, No 4 (2012): April 2012 Chemical composition of water buffalo milk and its low-fat symbiotic yogurt development Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Xue Han, Frank L. Lee, Lanwei Zhang, M. R. Guo
Vol 12, No 9 (2022): September 2022 Chemical composition, physicochemical evaluation and sensory analysis of yogurt added with extract of polyphenolic compounds from Quercus crassifolia oak bark Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Eréndira Valencia-Avilés, Martha Estrella García-Pérez, Ma. Guadalupe Garnica-Romo, Juan de Dios Figueroa-Cárdenas, Maria Paciulli, Hector Eduardo Martinez-Flores
Vol 12, No 1 (2022): January 2022 Chemometric analysis of ketogenic diet formulated from low-cost dietary fibers Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Omowumi Titilola Kayode, Abolanle A.A Kayode, Teniola Oyebode
Vol 9, No 6 (2019): June 2019 Chemoprevention against colon cancer by dietary intake of sulforaphane Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Akinori Yanaka, Hideo Suzuki, Michihiro Mutoh, Toshiro Kamoshida, Nobushige Kakinoki, Shigemasa Yoshida, Mitsuaki Hirose, Tsugio Ebihara, Ichinosuke Hyodo
Vol 3, No 9 (2013): September 2013 Chemoprevention of HBV-related hepatocellular carcinoma by the combined product of resveratrol and silymarin in transgenic mice Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Wen-Chuan Hsieh, Ching-Wen Yang, Yi-Sheng Haung, Ting-Wei Chao, Tin-Fen Tsai, Ih-Jen Su
Vol 6, No 1 (2016): January 2016 Chemopreventive Effects of Magnesium Chloride Supplementation on Hormone Independent Prostate Cancer Cells Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Elsa Quiroz, Saheed Oluwasina Oseni, James Kumi-Diaka
Vol 11, No 3 (2021): March 2021 Cholesterol in virus entry into host cell: diet, phytosterols and statins Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Olimpio Montero
Vol 11, No 2 (2021): February 2021 Choosing Suitable Food Vehicles for Functional Food Products Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Gloria Aderonke Otunola, Danik Martirosyan
Vol 7, No 2 (2017): February 2017 CLA isomer t10,c12 induce oxidation and apoptosis in 3t3 adipocyte cells in a similar effect as omega-3 linolenic acid and DHA. Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Jon Meadus, P. Vahmani, P. Duff, J.L. Zantinge, T.D. Turner, M.E.R. Dugan
Vol 7, No 1 (2017): January 2017 Colonic delivery of nutrients for management of blood glucose in type 2 diabetes patients Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Jerzy Szewczyk, JoAnn Giannone, Stefano Marcuard, Tammy Kindel, Patrick Tso, Roger Nolan
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