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Vol 2, No 10 (2012): October 2012 Green tea for the prevention of cancer: evidence of field epidemiology Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Min Zhang, Lin Li, Ping Liu, C. D’Arcy J. Holman
Vol 6, No 5 (2016): May 2016 Growth characteristics and total quality of MenthacordifoliaOpiz., kitchen mint as affected of Zn fortification Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Timaporn Srirattanakul, Sunisa Siripongvutikorn, Chutha Sae-Wong
Vol 7, No 2 (2017): February 2017 Health Benefits of Dietary Tree Peony Seed Oil in a High Fat Diet Hamster Model Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Zhiqiang Zheng, Jigang Han, Yingyi Mao, Xue Tang, Yan Guan, Yonghong Hu
Vol 1, No 12 (2011): December 2011 Health Promotion by Antioxidants Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Hoyoku Nishino, Michiaki Murakoshi, Yoshiko Satomi
Vol 4, No 5 (2014): May 2014 Hepatotropic, antioxidant and antitoxic action of amaranth oil Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
V. A. Nikolaevsky, D. M. Martirosyan, E. N. Muzalevskaya, L. A. Miroshnichenko, V. I. Zoloedov
Vol 7, No 11 (2017): November 2017 High light bio-fortification stimulates de novo synthesis of resveratrol in Diplotaxis tenuifolia (wild rocket) micro-greens Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Bianke Loedolff, Jolene Brooks, Marietjie Stander, Shaun Peters, Jens Kossmann
Vol 10, No 3 (2020): March 2020 Hydrolase-treated royal jelly attenuates LPS-induced inflammation and IgE-antigen-mediated allergic reaction Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Worrapanit Chansuwan, Matthawan Khamhae, Zhe Yang, Nualpun Sirinupong
Vol 1, No 11 (2011): November 2011 Immunodetection and quantification of insulin-like antigens in sprouts: development of an efficient functional food Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Manju Pathak, Danik M. Martirosyan
Vol 8, No 8 (2018): August 2018 Immunological effects of Kefir produced from Kefir grains versus starter cultures when fed to mice Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Funda Davras, Zeynep Banu Guzel-Seydim, Tugba Kok Tas
Vol 7, No 11 (2017): November 2017 Immunomodulatory effects of pepsin-educed soy protein hydrolysate in rats and murine cells Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Tolulope Joshua Ashaolu, Niracha Yantiam, Chutha Takahashi Yupanqui
Vol 9, No 7 (2019): July 2019 Immuno-regulatory and anti-inflammatory actions of phycocyanin on Caco-2/U937 cells co-culture as a model of the intestinal barrier Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Sanae Yoshimoto, Keiko Okada, Osamu Hayashi
Vol 2, No 5 (2012): May 2012 Impact effect of lycopene and tomato-based products network on cardio-protective biomarkers in vivo Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Nermin N. El-Nashar, Soha Hashim Abduljawad
Vol 1, No 2 (2011): February 2011 Impact of Bioflavonoids from Berryfruits on Biomarkers of Metabolic Syndrome Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Mary Ann Lila
Vol 3, No 1 (2013): January 2013 Impact of dietary intervention with a functional food supplement to combat anemia - the blood iron metabolic disorder among the coffee plantation laborers Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Vasantha Esther Rani, Samuel Paulraj
Vol 5, No 9 (2015): September 2015 Impact of nutritional stress on early embryonic survival Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Sukanta Mondal, I. J. Reddy, A. Mor
Vol 8, No 10 (2018): October 2018 Impact of packaging material and storage condition on retention of provitamin A carotenoids and xanthophylls in yellow-seeded maize flour Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Wasiu Awoyale, Emmanuel Alamu, Emmanuel Irondi, Busie Maziya-Dixon, Abebe Menkir
Vol 6, No 4 (2016): April 2016 Improvement nutritional value and bioactivity of ricegrass as affected of priming induced by fish protein hydrolysate Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Sunisa Siripongvutikorn, Rungtip Rattanapon, Worapong Usawakesmanee, Chakree Thongraung
Vol 9, No 12 (2019): December 2019 Improvement of bioavailability of bioactive compounds of medicinal herbs by drying and fermentation with Lactobacillus plantarum Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Kubra Dogan, Fatih Tornuk
Vol 7, No 9 (2017): September 2017 Improvement of defecation in healthy individuals with infrequent bowel movements through the ingestion of dried Mozuku powder: a randomized, double-blind, parallel-group study Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Masaki Matayoshi, Junjiro Teruya, Mina Yasumoto-Hirose, Ryuji Teruya, Naoki Miura, Ryuji Takeda
Vol 7, No 2 (2017): February 2017 Improvement of glucose metabolism via mung bean protein consumption: A clinical trial of GLUCODIATM isolated mung bean protein in Japan Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Mitsutaka Kohno, Takayasu Motoyama, Yuhko Shigihara, Mai Sakamoto, Hideo Sugano
Vol 7, No 5 (2017): May 2017 Improving Animal Diets to Increase Relevance to Human Populations Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Korry J. Hintze, Abby D. Benninghoff, Robert E. Ward
Vol 7, No 10 (2017): October 2017 In vitro investigation of orange fleshed sweet potato prebiotic potential and its implication on human gut health Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Mary Muchiri, Anne L. McCartney
Vol 4, No 5 (2014): May 2014 In Vitro Regulation of Enzymes of the Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone System by Isoquercitrin, Phloridzin and their Long Chain Fatty Acid Derivatives Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Khushwant S Bhullar, Ziaullah Ziaullah, Vasantha Rupasinghe
Vol 4, No 3 (2014): March 2014 In vivo anti-carcinogenic property of a formulated citrus peel extract Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Michiko Suzawa, Limin Guo, Min-Hsiung Pan, Chi-Tang Ho, Shiming Li
Vol 8, No 4 (2018): April 2018 Induction of apoptosis by fucoidan isolated from a traditional food, Saccharina longissima, in U937 human leukemia cells Abstract   [Abstract]   [Full Article]
Junpei Shimabukuro, Takuya Yogi, Mariko Nago, Takeshi Teruya, Teruko Konishi, Masakuni Tako
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