Vol 4, No 8 (2014)

August 2014

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Effects of Clear Kefir on Biomolecular Aspects of Glycemic Status of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) Patients in Bandung, West Java [Study on Human Blood Glucose, c Peptide and Insulin] [Abstract] [Full Article]
J Judiono, Suharyo Hadisaputro, K S Indranila, Bambang Cahyono, Meiny Suzery, Yuliati Widiastuti, Asep Iwan Purnawan 340-348
Evidence-based modeling of mode-of-action for functional ingredients influencing Alzheimer’s disease through neurotrophin pathway [Abstract] [Full Article]
Erfan Younesi 362-369
Characterization and specificity of probiotics to prevent salmonella infection in mice [Abstract] [Full Article]
Ana Andino, Nan Zhang, Sandra Diaz-Sanchez, Carrie Yard, Sean Pendleton, Irene Hanning 370-380

Review Articles

Gluten-free and casein-free diets in the treatment of autism [Abstract] [Full Article]
Andreas Reissmann, Joachim Hauser, Ewelina Makulska-Gertruda, Loredana Tomsa, Klaus W. Lange 349-361