Solvent extraction and spectroscopy identification of bioactive compounds from medicinal shrub Tamarix gallica

Moussa Mohammed Elamin


This research is interested in chemical valorization of the medicinal shrub called Tamarix gallica. The phytochemical study of the extracts of this plant showed that it is rich in phenolic compounds especially the flavonoids. The liquid-liquid extraction by n-butanol and acetate of ethyl of the leaves allowed to us the extraction of the secondary metabolites of class of the flavonoids.

The identification of the isolated flavonoids is made by the spectroscopy methods: UV, IR, NMRH, from where we extracted some structures of flavonols class.

 Keywords: Tamarix gallica, chemical valorization, flavonoids, extraction, spectroscopy analysis, chromatography methods.

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DOI: 10.31989/ffhd.v10i11.744


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