Adding stewed apricot juice to sena improves the right-side and overall colon cleansing quality for colonoscopy preparation

Bulent Yasar, Evren Abut, Huseyin Kayadibi, Fatih Akdoğan, Can Gonen


Background: To achieve optimal colonoscopic examination, the bowel must be sufficiently cleansed. However, none of the currently available colonoscopy preparation regimens is safe, efficient and comfortable. The aim of this study was to determine whether adding stewed apricot juice to senna increased patient comfort and improved bowel cleansing during colonoscopy preparation.

Methods: Outpatients of both genders, aged over 18 years, who were referred for elective colonoscopy were randomly allocated to drink stewed apricot juice with senna or senna alone. The quality of colon cleansing was evaluated using the Ottawa scale. The evaluation of patient tolerance and adverse events was made through completion of a questionnaire. 

Results: The study included a total of 128 patients in the randomization procedure. A significantly greater effect of cleansing  was determined with stewed apricot juice plus senna in the right and transverse colon (p= 0.038, p=0.037, respectively). It was also determined that in the stewed apricot juice plus senna group, overall cleansing was superior (p<0.001), total colonoscopy (17.6 min vs 22.8 min, p=0.048) and cecal intubation (7.4 min vs 11.2 min, p=0.042) times were shorter, and the colonoscopy procedure was easier (79.4%vs 49.2%, p<0.001). No difference was determined between the groups in respect of patient  acceptance, compliance and adverse events (p>0.05). In the stewed apricot juice plus senna group, 91.2% of patients stated willingness to receive the same regimen in the future compared with 80% of the patients in thesenna alone group (p=0.037).

Conclusion: The addition of natural, stewed apricot juice to senna significantly improves cleansing outcomes without additional adverse events.

Keywords: bowel cleansing, colonoscopy, stewed apricot juice, senna.

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DOI: 10.31989/ffhd.v7i1.314


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