Diabesity: an epidemic with its causes, prevention and control with special focus on dietary regime

Nikhil Kumar, Neena Puri, Francesco Marotta, Tejpal Dhewa, Serena Calabrò, Monica Puniya, Jeon Carter


Background: Diabesity refers to the complicated conditions of diabetes and obesity occurring simultaneously within a single individual. The incidences of diabetes and obesity are growing at a rapid pace throughout the world that are mainly associated with lifestyle and dietary habits, aside from genetic vulnerability. Authors have reviewed the epidemiology and other negative aspects of diabesity followed by some of the management practices recommended. The declining of traditional lifestyles and dietary patterns is leading to a rapid increase in the prevalence of diabesity that is upcoming as a serious cause of concern world over. Diabetes, obesity, and their associated complications are without doubt a principal issue and threat in developing and under-developed nations. Diabesity has emerged as a major threat. This condition has been described as a slow poison, whose influence cannot be controlled or cured. The dietary measures offer the most viable and effective solution to diabetes onset, in addition to the obese state. The designing of a smart diet (i.e. healthy diet) and selecting gut microbiota having probiotic influence on the host can target in the weight reduction/ management, in addition to stabilizing sugar levels in the blood of an individual. Additionally, the regular physical workout can help an individual in controlling body weight and regulate other biochemical conditions which lead to various types of metabolic disorders. All of these issues are discussed in this review article which covers the causes, prevention, and control of diabesity.

Keywords: Diabetes; obesity; diabesity; gut microbiota; probiotics

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DOI: 10.31989/ffhd.v7i1.280


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