The immunological impact of orthomolecular medicine using bioactive compounds as key factors in endometriosis

Alexandros Vlachos, Simon Vassiliadis


Background: Endometriosis, an inflammatory, non-lethal, non-malignant disease, still has unjustified etiology. Among many, the theory dealing with this review claims that a suppressed or incompetent immune system that is totally unable to eradicate the non-hemopoietic mesenchymal endometriotic stem cell (MESC) escapes immune surveillance. As a result, there is migration and invasion of the aforementioned cell to ectopic tissues causing the disease. 

Keywords: bioactive compounds, functional foods, endometriosis, orthomolecular medicine, mesenchymal endometriotic stem cell (MESC), immune system

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DOI: 10.31989/bchd.v2i1.555


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